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Isle of Man via Liverpool and Heysham ferries.

Staying in hotels and hostels

9th to 19th April 2018
Coventry – > Kidderminster 46 miles
Kidderminster -> Oswestry 69 miles
Oswestry -> Liverpool/Ferry to Douglas 55 miles
Douglas -> Douglas The South 55 miles
Douglas -> Douglas TT Circuit 40 miles
Douglas -> Douglas The North 50 miles
Douglas/Ferry to Heysham -> Lancaster 10 miles
Lancaster -> Keighley 53 miles
Keighley -> Glossop 45 miles
Glossop-> Ashborne 45 miles
Ashborne -> Coventry 68 miles

Approx Cost - £310 inc ferries
January Update - Tour fully booked. Contact Paul to be waitlist in case of cancellations

February Update - I am now glancing anxiously at the Isle of Man weather, more heat less wind would be nice.
I have sent a ‘WeTransfer’ mail with gpx files for the tour. Please confirm when you’ve managed to download.
As some of you already know, Phil will join us in Liverpool, for the Isle of Man leg 🤣🤣, and Tony will meet us somewhere between Kidderminster and Oswestry.
The routes start at Balsall Common and I’m thinking of setting off from a local cafe at about 10.30 am on Monday 9th.
Paul Whithead - IoM Tour Leader

Paul Whithead
Camping Weekend

16th - 19th August 2018
TBCTour being planned by Mike Thomas - Please contact him to express an interest

Mike Thomas