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At The Friends Meeting House, Hill Street, Coventry CV1 4AN. Tuesdays at 20:00

The Clubroom

Over the course of the Winter months – normally from October to March the Club, through Dave Hearn, organises fortnightly presentations from Club Members on the interesting trips and tours they have recently undertaken. These presentations take place in the Friends Meeting House on Hill Street in Coventry. Start times is 8pm and usually with a Biscuit break last about 1.5 to 2 hours. Afterwards there is the option to move on with some of the more recidivist members of the club to a local hostelry for a mild libation !

The following shows the Presentation schedule for Winter 2017 / 18.  The was generally considered as the most successful schedule so far with average attendances well into the twenties…. a real credit to Dave and the continuing quality of the presentations.

A schedule for Winter 2018 / 19 will be put up here in September 2018


Date Title Presenter
3rd October Yorkshire & Dorset a Tale of Two Counties
Walking & The Great Dorset Steam Fair
Dave Hearn
17th October The Slow Way Round with Bob
Walking in New Zealand, the Tatras & the Dales
Bob Tinley
7th November Towards the Danube, following the waters of France
Charles & Diana Hutchinson
21st November Cycling along the Danube
From the Black Forest to Budapest
Peter Milton
5th December Alps Re-visited
Cycling in the French Alps
Peter & Jill Seamen
19th December Two Wheels, One World, One Life
Keith Bright
2nd January Birds, Bikes & Bears
Cotswolds, Cycling & The Big Sleuth
Dave Hearn
16th January From Rotterdam to Rottach-Egern, Rathäuser by Radfahren
Townhalls by Bicycle
Paul Morton
6th February A Bhutan Adventure & Tour of Normandy Mike & Ann Thomas
20th February Cycling up the Hebrides & back through Skye Simon Clarke
6th March Journey across India
Cycling adventure
John Allsop
20th March Cycling to Rajasthan
Cycling adventure
Alan Jelley

Admission still only £1.50

Organiser Dave Hearn. Click here to email