Roads & Paths Newsletter for April

This edition of the Roads & Paths blog has contributions from George Riches and Mike Thomas and covers 

  1. Volunteers needed for Kenilworth Greenway Workday
  2. Reducing the impact of HS2
  3. A46 / A428 Junction Upgrade


1. SUSTRANS Kenilworth Greenway Workday

Submitted by Mike Thomas

Sustrans would really appreciate help on their local workdays on Kenilworth Greenway.  The next workday will be Wednesday 9th May we may be making bat boxes or a bug house. We will be meeting at Coventry Road Bridge at 10.30am. Please wear suitable clothing for weather on the day and sturdy footwear. I will put together a poster to promote the workday on the greenway.  Any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sim Duhra

Greener Greenways Project Officer (Midlands & East)    Tel: 0115 8532947


2. Reducing the impact of HS2

Submitted by Mike Thomas

The founder of Sustrans, John Grimshaw, has been busy with his new organisation John Grimshaw Associates working with HS2 and its impact on cycling.

If you go onto … you will see various .pdf files with details of works which will impact on us in Solihull and Warwickshire. John’s work is twofold:

  1. Making provision where HS2 impacts directly on existing cycle routes such as Kenilworth Greenway, and Leamington – Rugby National Cycle Network Route 41.
  2. As one of the environmental mitigation works a cycle route with associated links will be provided along the whole of the new rail route. This will be far from a path along the side of the railway, but much more in terms of using existing dreams of cycle routes we have wanted for many years such as from Kenilworth to Leamington. In the .pdf files some of this is something of a wish-list, and lacks details, but I’ll contact John asking for more info as/when its available.


3. Flyover upgrade for A46 / A428 roundabout, Binley

From George Riches

This is often called the “TGI Fridays junction” on the Coventry Eastern Bypass.

Highways England are proposing to upgrade it by building a flyover for the A46. The roundabout will remain for access to and from the A428

The good news for cycling is that the path on the south side of the A428 east of the junction will be widened to a shared pedestrian/cyclist path between the roundabout and Oakdale Road. That’s marked yellow on the aerial image.

The path might encourage more residents of Binley Woods to leave their cars at home when they shop at the various stores on the Coventry side of the A46 (B&Q, Lidl, Morrisons, M&S et al)

However there’s no plan to improve the roundabout at the entrance to the B&Q car park. The route cyclists are supposed to take is shown in the image.

West bound cyclists are probably better off using the service road to access Brandon Road than try to use the recommended route.

I spoke to the Highways England representative at a public exhibition in early March and emailed Coventry Council about it on 19 March 2018.