We offer a range of regular day rides

Sunday Rides

Rides meet at the Coventry Memorial Park by the Park & Ride facility (SP 324 774). at 9.15 am. We normally offer two rides

  • a 30-mile (approx) half-day averaging 10mph
  • a 60-80 all day averaging 13mph

For anyone wanting a faster but shorter ride there is the option to join the longer ride and return home after the coffee break – there are normally a few people riding just to coffee so you are sure of some company on the return journey.

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Tuesday Rides

These rides meet up at a range of different locations around Coventry for coffee at 10.15 am. At around 11.00 there is the option to cycle on with the group to a prearranged lunch stop normally at around 12.30pm. Riders will then cycle back to their homes leaving the group at their convenience.

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Offroad  Rides

Occasionally the Club will offer Offroad rides

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Special Rides

These are repeat rides, one-offs and special event rides that the club organises. This will cover the reasonably regular 100-mile rides, the Trivets events that happen every three years, Club birthday rides, and rides associated with activities such as the City of Culture.

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Rugby Group rides

CTC Rugby affiliate with us and organise their own programme of rides, primarily on a Wednesday.

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Invitation Rides

This is a blog of information that the club has received to attend Invitation rides


…. And before you set off maybe check the weather forecast !

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