Independent Auditor

Role Definition

The Club and the subsidiary companies are limited companies subject to the provisions of the Companies Acts and their accounts have to be audited by professional accountants.
Strictly,they should also go through all the accounts of the Member Groups but this is impracticable. The official accounts are notes to say that the auditors have accepted the Member Group’s figures. The Club does therefore rely on its voluntary auditors to pick up any issues in the Group accounts.
In carrying out an audit, the local auditor should normally carry out the following:
      • Check all additions in the account books and accounts.
      • Check cash book with bank statements (subject to adjustment for any unpresented cheques).
      • See that the account book balance agrees with the balance shown in the accounts (including any cash in hand).
      • Inspect receipts for payments by cash or cheque.
      • Check with Group programme to see that accounts reflect profit or loss on each event held.
      • Inspect records of any official other than the Treasurer who has held funds during the year.
      • Inspect investment certificates, passbooks etc (loans to National Office will be checked automatically when the accounts are sent in).
      • Check lists of assets (compare with previous year), payments in advance, and creditors