Centenary UK tour from York to Edinburgh

This is an adventurous moving on tour designed by Mike Thomas to celebrate the Club’s Centenary

Starting in York and finishing in Edinburgh the route is roughly based on three National Cycle Network Routes:

  1. The White Rose Route
  2. Three Rivers Cycle Route
  3. Coast and Castles

Mike did this route a few years ago and especially enjoyed the start at York, The North York Moors, Durham, Northumberland,  Berwick, and the route to Edinburgh via Melrose. (Edinburgh was also great but the memory dimmed by too many celebration beers!) 


The route is nominally 277 miles but realistically to allow for visits to places of interest on the way a the distance is probably closer to 325 miles.  With an average of 45 miles per day this would take 7 days, plus 2 travelling days which could include time in York and Edinburgh. 

The probable date will be 9th-24th June but this will be confirmed once detailed planning has been done.

It is envisaged that the route will be planned for 12 participants but this will be reviewed as part of the detailed planning.

This activity is not yet open for booking – we will let you know via the Weekly Bulletin when this tour is available for booking.

To confirm details and to request a place on the tour please contact the Organiser, Mike Thomas.