Centenary Flower Display

https://live.staticflickr.com/3676/9024715146_1080e93369_b.jpgAs part of CTC Coventry’s various activities next year, celebrating our 100th birthday, Coventry City Council have agreed to create a centenary flower bed to our design which will be installed in Greyfriars Green, near to the City Centre.

A similar project was carried out during our 75th anniversary in 1996.


Our design has been refined down to a theme based on  the ‘100’ with the framework of a bicycle with its wheels also being the two zeros in the figure 100.


It is anticipated that the display will be in bloom for most of the summer for the public to enjoy. There will be a need throughout for some maintenance of the bed of course but we are more than happy to leave that to the experts. We look forward to seeing the creation of the finished design by the parks department and following that the actual flower bed which promises to be a lovely splash of colour, in the year when Coventry is also the UK City of Culture.

Due to Covid 19 the start of the City of Culture celebrations have been put back and will now run from May 2021 until May 2022. Our flower bed may in fact be blooming before many of the City of Culture events.

We will let you know via the Weekly Bulletin when the Flower Bed has been planted by the Council.


Organiser – Dave Hearn